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Welcome to this noble profession. Since antiquity Pharmacists have been providing medicines to the masses. With advances in our knowledge of medicines and the disease processes pharmacotherapeutics has assumed new dimensions. Pharmacist’s role, therefore, could not remain confined to only dispensing of drugs. With advent of new drugs, newer dosage forms and the understanding of molecular level effects of medicines including untoward effects and side effects, toxicities and resistance, iatrogenic diseases and compromised physiological performances, the role of practicing pharmacist has expanded and dispensing of medicines has become a delicate scientific activity which must be complemented with several essential and associated functions incumbent with counting pills and handing over to the patients or their attendants to ensure proper use and response of the administered medicine.

Today’s Pharmacist is a seven star pharmacist, who possess specific knowledge attitudes, skills and behaviours in support of their roles. The Pharmacist today is Care-giver, Decision-maker, Communicator, Leader, Manager, Life-long-learner, and Teacher as per Report of a third WHO Consultative Group on the role of pharmacist (WHO/PHARM/97/599). The Services provided by a pharmacist must be of the highest quality. Most appropriate, efficacious and cost effective use of resources should be at the foundation of the pharmacist’s work. Pharmacist is in an ideal position between physician and patient. He must be knowledgeable and confident while interacting with other health professionals and the patient. Pharmacist must assume a leadership position in the overall welfare of the community. Pharmacist must assume greater responsibility for sharing information about medicines and related products. Pharmacists should learn how to learn. The Pharmacist must not forego any opportunity to gain new knowledge and to fine-tune existing skills. He must, therefore, faithfully teach the Intern/Apprentice pharmacist and transform them into a well groomed pharmacist prepared and equipped to function as a seven star pharmacist.

Seven Rights of use of medicines is another area to ensure the best pharmaceutical care. Right patient, Right medication, Right dose, Right route, Right time, Right documentation, and Right reason are essential for Right response.

We must make sure that the drug gives the desired effect. Be sure to document monitoring of the patient and analyze data to correlate medication and therapeutic benefits in the interest of health and happiness of masses. Good professional practices is a must for the best pharmacy services.

Unite yourself, arouse awareness among fellow pharmacists and this glorious profession to new heights,

Long live profession of Pharmacy,

Dr. R. S. Thakur

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16th April 2014 HQ-FIPO

PRINCIPLE BENCH CAT(N.DELHI):-Next date of hearing MACP case of All india Defence Pharmacist's association is 06th May,2014.
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15th April,2014 HQ-FIPO

MEETING NOTICE:- A meeting of the Federation of Indian Pharmacist's Organisation will be held at New Delhi on 18th May 2014(Sunday) at Lady Harding Medical College(Connaught Palace),New Delhi.The meeting will be commence from 11.00 AM and continue till close.The following shall be the agenda of the meeting.All Central Executive members,General Secretary&President of Central Govt Pharmacist's Association and State Govt Pharmacist's Association  are requested to attend the meeting in time.AGENDA:-(1) 7th CPC and Terms of Refrence- our stand thereof.(2) Preparation of Memorandum to be submitted to 7th CPC on common demands of All Members.(3) Organisational review.(4) Financial review.(5) Any other item with permission of chair.                                                                     Yours Fraternally                                                                      Umar Farooque                                                                    Secretary(HQ)FIPO
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20th Jan,2013 HQ-FIPO

Greeting Message: Today is another historical day for all of us,on behalf of FIPO,I congratulate to all fellow's specially who have contributed his valuable time and money for this cause.Principal Bench CAT has delievered his judgement today in favour of us in the case(CGHS) of MACP,i-e GP.5400.We are winner today and a great achievement for all of us(Central.Govt-Pharmacist).
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15th Jan 2014 HQ,FIPO

ALL INDIA DEFENCE PHARMACIST ASSOCIATION: All india general body meeting will be held in Chennai on 02nd March,2014.All members are invited to kindly attend meeting.Agenda Point all ready send to all units.
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25th Nov,2013 HQ - FIPO

NATIONAL PHARMACY WEEK: Best Pharmacist award for the Year 2012-2013 presented to Sh.R.P.Mishra(Gen.Secretary-fipo-Up),Sh.Pankaj Aatray(Member-Delhi Pharmacy Council) and Sh.N.S.Tokas(C.R.P.F).More than hundred members presented on this occasion.
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12th oct,2013 HQ-FIPO

PHARMACY WEEK 2013:- Federation of indian Pharmacist's organisation is organising 52nd Pharmacy week,2013 with the theme "PHARMACIST-A HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL" from 18th to 23rd Nov,2013.The Pharmacy week is celebrated every year for more than fifty years in order to update the knowledge and skills of working Pharmacist through continuing educational programme and scientific seminar.The fipo shall celebrate "PHARMACY WEEK,2013"  and concluding ceremony shall be held on 23rd Nov,2013 with Honour to Retired Members to present Memento at Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital Auditorium,Dilshad Garden,Delhi at 2.00pm to 5.00pm.fipo requested to all Professional Fellow's from Delhi to kindly attend the concluding ceremony and more over all state unit celebrate concluding ceremony of Pharmacy week on same date.
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06th oct,2013 HQ- FIPO

AIDPA CAT CASE(MACP-Principal Bench Delhi):- Next date of hearing is 17th Dec,2013.No reply submitted by respondent till date.
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06th OCT,2013 HQ-FIPO

Message:-Due to certain reason,All india CEC meeting,which was held on 10th nov,2013 at  Delhi Pharmacy Council will post pond till further info.Next date as decided will inform you accordingly.Umar FarooqueHq,Secretary
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26th,Sept,2013 HQ-FIPO

MEETTING NOTICE:in the light of announcement of VII central pay commison by the Government,it has been decided to conduct a meeting of Federation of indian Pharmacist's organisation central executive committee. All office bearers of FIPO and President/Gen.Secratry of state/Central association are requested to attend on 10th Nov,2013 at 11.00am at Delhi Pharmacy Councill,old Delhi Secretariat. invitation letter already sent by email.if further any query,PL mail to us.
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MESSAGE: You can also visit /search Federation of indian Pharmacist's organisation on facebook.
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09th Sept,2013 HQ-Fipo

PCI Pharmacy Day- A Letter regarding Pharmacy day announced by PCI on 25th September,2013.Visit order Page.
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09th sept,2013 HQ-Fipo

Today related to our burning issue a meeting conducted with Mr.R.K.Jain(AS & DG)Ministry of Health & Family welfare,Govt of India at 2.30 pm in Nirman bhavan,N.Delhi.Mr.L.S.Chandel,M.S.Arya,Sadhu Ram,R.K.Chauhan and Umar farooque present in the meeting.A memorandum submitted to Mr.R.K.Jain with request to kindly peruse our matter for further action.For more info go to order Page.
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08th Sept,2013 HQ-FIPO

MACP CAT CASE(AIDPA)- Respondent pray to Honble CAT for more time to submit reply.Next date of hearing is 28th OCT,2013.
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27th August,2013 HQ-FIPO

AIDPA-MACP-Principal Bench CAT, All india Defence Pharmacist's Association have been filled a case for MACP in Principal Bench Cat,New Delhi dated 23rd August,2013.Stay order has been given by Hon'ble CAT on 24th August,2013 against recovery.Next date of hearing is 06th Sept,2013 with notice to Respondent(Secretary-Min of Finance,Secretary-DOP&T,Secretary-Min of Health& Fw,Secretary-Min of Defence,Chairman-OFB) to file reply on this date.
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14th july,2013 HQ-FIPO

PHARMACY COUNCIL OF INDIA: PCI proposal of deletion of two year condition at Entry level,More info go to order page.
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HQ-fipo,Reply by Dr.Upendar kumar(Dhs-ofb)

Reply by Dr.Upendar kumar in reference of order passed by OFB.Fore more info go to order  page.
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25th June,2013 Hq(fipo)

MACP Case(CAT- NEW DELHI): Reply submitted by Respondent in the Cat(Min of Health,Govt of india).No new sentence added in the reply,repeated same sentence before as given by DOP&T.Rejoinder filled in the Cat with strong words raised by Min of Health on DOP&T order with consultation of Diffrent leaders of fipo serving in diffrent ministry,Govt of india.
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15th May,2013 HQ(Fipo)

Bridge course & Deletion of Two year condition(Entry scale) : Yesturday a metting was held with PCI secretary along with Mr.I.s.chauhan to know the progress of bridge course and proposal of deletion of two year condition in entry scale iniated by PCI to Min of Health& Family welfare(Govt of India).As i mentioned before this news regarding Bridge course.PCI send a proposal of Bridge course to all state Pharmacy council and as well as State Health ministry(Education) to take their opinion as directed by Min of Health& Fw(Govt of India).There fore Federation requested to all state Gen .secretary,President  and Excutive members to take laison with State health ministry(Education) to submitt his positive opinion to PCI earliest for further necessary action.Federation once again requested to All State Pharmacy council President to submmit their council affermative opinion at earliest.The Proposal draft(Two Year) is under progress and may be completed in coming week(Monday or Tuesday).all of you inform accordingly.
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10th May,2013 HQ(Fipo)

STRONG PROTEST AGAINST THE DEMAND OF AIOCD: Fipo has protested a strong representation to Secretary(Min of Health& FW,Govt of india) and as well as copy to President ,PCI against the demand moved by AIOCD.For more info go to order page.
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23rd Apri,2013 HQ-FIPO

BRIDGE COURSE & PHARMACY PRACTICE REGULATION: on 26th March,2013,A special meetting held in Min of Health&Fw,Nirman Bhawan,New Delhi with joint secretary(Mr.vishwas Mehta) pertaining to implementation of Bridge course&Pharmacy Practice Regulation.In a long hour disscussion,he gave full assurance for early implementation the course in near future for betterment of Pharmacy this meetting Mr.L.S.Chandel,Sadhu Ram,Inder singh chauhan,Ajay Sharma& Mr.M.S.Arya were present.Today again to know the status of fyle and meetting with Under secretary(Mr.Satish kumar),Mr.Raj Kumar Chauhan,Umar Farooque & Mr.Dilbag visited Min of Health.Mr.satish kumar said that the concerned fyle has been allready approved by DG( Health Services).One observation raised by min of Health to enclosed the opinion of State Council on this subject and submit through PCI early for completion and further action.
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05th March 2013 HQ-Fipo

 To,  President / Gen.secratary/Ex.Members & Fellow's Thanks for Participation in successful  Demonstration at jantar mantar.All info & Photograph will be upload soon. Regards Umar farooque
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28th Feb,2013 HQ-Fipo

MACP Order issued by Pandichery state ,For further details go to order page.
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16th Feb,2013 HQ-Fipo

High court case- Case ruled out for some time as explained by our Advocate,Mr.R.K.saini.Application will be moved in the first week of july,2013 for early hearing.
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14th Jan,2013 HQ-FIPO

Programme of All india Protest & Parliament March on 04th March,2013,For details go to order page.
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03rd Jan-2013 HQ-FIPO

 Sub: Regarding investigation at private hospitals / diagnostic laboratories / imaging centres empanelled under CGHS.No Further Permisson Required  from concerned Ministry / Department.For more info go the order page.
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31st Dec,2012 HQ-FIPO

Let this NEW YEAR be the one,when all your dream come true,so with a joyful heart,Put a start to this year a new.wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year,2013.
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17th Dec,2012 HQ-FIPO

PCA-Today Ministry of health has issued  PCA order,to view this letter go to order page.
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28th Nov,2012(HQ-FIPO)

STATE PRESIDENT OF FEDRATION AND GENRAL SECRETARY  ARE REQUESTED TO ORGANISE MEETING IN ALL DISTRICT HEADQUATERS SEEKING THEIR SUPPORT FOR MAHA DHARNA PARDARSHAN AT JANTAR MANTAR,NEW DELHI ON 04th March,2013. Dear fellows,                         The fedration of indian Pharmacist organisation,the apex body and only representative of community Pharmacist in india had to take a decesion to call upon its members to organise a Maha Dharna Pardarshan on 04th March,2013 due to persisting nugatory attitude of the Goverment in setting the long pending demands.The Goverment has almost shut down all negotiation in the Njcm forum in our case. Charter of Demands 1.Removal of two years service condition for up-gradation of pay i-e PB-I (RS. 5200-20200+GP RS.2800) to PB-II (RS. 9300-32800+ GP RS. 4200) 2. Change in Recruitment Rules(Minimum qualification for practice of Pharmacy should be B.Pharm) 3. Well defined promotional hierarchy for the Pharmacists including Gazetted post on first promotion. 4. Grant of Non-Practicing Allowance(NPA) 5. Implementation of Bridge Course & Pharmacy Practice Regulation. 6.Establishement of Directoriate of Pharmacy in Health Ministry. any other agenda point may will be added after the end of january,2013 or before.PHARMACY UNITY ZINDABAD                                           FIPO ZINDABAD
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21st Nov,2012(HQ-FIPO)

FIPO(Delhi Branch) cordially invites you to the inaugral function of the 51st National Pharmacy week,2012 at G.B.Pant Hospital,New Delhi on 24th Nov,2012 at 2.00pm.
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HIGH COURT CASE- on 02 nov 2012,A long argument held in the court,the objection raised in previous date by the advocate of Min of Health(Govt of India) to challenge the arbitrator decision in the High court by giving ruling of supreme court circular,which is issued in the year 2011.Today Mr.R.k.saini (Advocate-Fipo) counter the objection in a very good manner and ultimately the Hon'ble Judge pass an order to Mr.R.k.saini to fyle an affadifit to challenge the decision of arbitrator or you are except the decesion.Next hearing date is 04 Feb 2013.
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04 october 2012(HQ-FIPO)

The cabinet today approved double rates of HPCA/PCA with effect from 01 sept 2008.
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02oct2012- HQ-FIPO

CGHS-Stay order for recovery of Kolkatta CAT bench in the case of MACP.For further info go to ORDER Page.
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12 September 2012 (Umar Farooque)

Dear Pharmacist's Fellow, As you aware that Pharmacist's working in Health care establishments in the country are one of the most deprived category among all health personel's.They have been ignored all the timeat all level by the Goverment and had to fight relentlessly for grant of parity with other paramedical category,even though no rlief has been granted to us till date. in view of the disparity by the Government done with the Pharmacist and pending demands with the Goverment, a meeting  was held on 09th sept,2012 in Kanpur and it was decided by the Central Exutive Body (FIPO) to hold a Demonstration/ Protest at Jantar Mantar and take a march to the Parliament ,New Delhi on 04th March,2013at 02:00 pm. Therefore,All the Pharmacist's brethren and the member's of all Pharmacist's Association in India including member's of the FIPO are requested to attend this all india Demonstration/ Protest at Jantar mantar,New Delhi on 04th March,2013 at 02 pm. PHARMACIST'S UNITY ZINDABAD
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