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Welcome to this noble profession. Since antiquity Pharmacists have been providing medicines to the masses. With advances in our knowledge of medicines and the disease processes pharmacotherapeutics has assumed new dimensions. Pharmacist’s role, therefore, could not remain confined to only dispensing of drugs. With advent of new drugs, newer dosage forms and the understanding of molecular level effects of medicines including untoward effects and side effects, toxicities and resistance, iatrogenic diseases and compromised physiological performances, the role of practicing pharmacist has expanded and dispensing of medicines has become a delicate scientific activity which must be complemented with several essential and associated functions incumbent with counting pills and handing over to the patients or their attendants to ensure proper use and response of the administered medicine.

Today’s Pharmacist is a seven star pharmacist, who possess specific knowledge attitudes, skills and behaviours in support of their roles. The Pharmacist today is Care-giver, Decision-maker, Communicator, Leader, Manager, Life-long-learner, and Teacher as per Report of a third WHO Consultative Group on the role of pharmacist (WHO/PHARM/97/599). The Services provided by a pharmacist must be of the highest quality. Most appropriate, efficacious and cost effective use of resources should be at the foundation of the pharmacist’s work. Pharmacist is in an ideal position between physician and patient. He must be knowledgeable and confident while interacting with other health professionals and the patient. Pharmacist must assume a leadership position in the overall welfare of the community. Pharmacist must assume greater responsibility for sharing information about medicines and related products. Pharmacists should learn how to learn. The Pharmacist must not forego any opportunity to gain new knowledge and to fine-tune existing skills. He must, therefore, faithfully teach the Intern/Apprentice pharmacist and transform them into a well groomed pharmacist prepared and equipped to function as a seven star pharmacist.

Seven Rights of use of medicines is another area to ensure the best pharmaceutical care. Right patient, Right medication, Right dose, Right route, Right time, Right documentation, and Right reason are essential for Right response.

We must make sure that the drug gives the desired effect. Be sure to document monitoring of the patient and analyze data to correlate medication and therapeutic benefits in the interest of health and happiness of masses. Good professional practices is a must for the best pharmacy services.

Unite yourself, arouse awareness among fellow pharmacists and this glorious profession to new heights,

Long live profession of Pharmacy,

Dr. R. S. Thakur

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O2 SEPT 2012

National conference of FIPO will be held at Kanpur (UP) on 08th & 09th sept 12.All professional fellow's are invited to attend the conference.

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04 Sept 2012

meeting with DOP&T Minister at 4.00 pm.

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