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'Since the period from 1990, it was felt by the prominent leaders among the Pharmacy field that there is a need of such platform, where all community Pharmacist stand altogether to raise their voice, problem, solution, demands etc collectively either from private sector or public sector.

To achieve their goal, Pharmacist from whole country came at National Convention held at New Delhi on 6th March 1990 which was inaugurated by former president of India Hon’ble Sh. GianiZail Singh under the chairmanship of Sh. M.S. Arya and constituted a Federation of Indian Pharmacist Organization (F.I.P.O). A registered society of Pharmacists which is the association and union of Pharmacists working at Central Government, State Government, UT, Public Sector, Railways, Community Pharmacist from Private Sector, students of Pharmacy field and their representation at national level.

The FIPO was established in the year 1990 after consistent efforts made by the various association, union working at various levels since many years for the benefication of all organization at single platform to safe guard the interest of practicing Pharmacists .

Before 1990, there was no interactions between the organizations at state level and central level and their interests were concentrated in limited areas and voices were raised for only local issues. Some of organization were very active and strong to get enough to increase their service condition and pay structure like some organization at state level e.g. in Kerala, UP, Haryana, Delhi and in public sector undertaking also e.g. Coal India, NTPC and railways and Indian Airlines. 

After the formation of FIPO, a systematic and scientific approach was also established by the leaders of FIPO to achieve their demands. The president Sh. MNVG Adiyodi, Sh. V. Rama RaoReddy and Sh. R.S. Thakuar had work hard to keep alive the federation for fulfilling the goal targeted. They said the prime and foremost duty of each Pharmacist working at state or central level is to work with dedication and should render his services to people of the society with whole hearted support.

A demonstration was held at NirmanBhawan, Government of India, by FIPO on 19.10.2000 for neglecting attitude towards the long pending demands and grievances of the Pharmacist working at Central government, Delhi government, Autonomous Bodies Hospitals and Departments. This demonstration was attended by the thousands of Pharmacists from all over India.

The main demands were as:

• To make necessary amendment in IVth pay commission report regarding entry scale and three time based promotions during life span.
• Establishment of separate Directorate of Pharmacy
• Appointment of Pharmacy Adviser in Government of India.

The FIPO had submitted a charter of demands to Government of India on 9th September 1991 which is as:
• National wages policy for Pharmacists
• Pay scale of Pharmacists at par with other technical diploma holders
• Promotional Avenues at par with other diploma holders
• Formation of Directorate of Pharmacy in the Department of Health and Family Welfare
• Common services rule for Pharmacist
• Higher education facilities to Pharmacist

To build a Pharmacy Bhawan at Delhi, it is required to attainment of 500 sq meter land by DDA to build the same which may have seminar room, conference room, library and atleast 10 bed Dormitory also. This will provide a chance to meet Pharmacists from all over country throughout the year for solving their grievances.

To appoint a Pharmacy Adviser in Government of India. It was principally agreed in the meeting held at NirmanBhawan on 19.8.1994 between officials of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and FIPO delegates that post of Pharmacy Advisor will be created and letter no. A14015/1/94CGHS (P) dt 27.10.1994 issued in this regard. There is 4 post of Nurses advisor recruited to manage the matters related with nursing services of the country. But no post of Pharmacy Advisor is filled till date.

The Pharmacy Advisor post is highly essential to monitor the administrative matters of Pharmacist, verification of the proper storage, procurement, supply of drugs and medicines, surgical goods rational use of drugs etc. Providing continuous education programme of Pharmacists , arrangement of training programs for Pharmacy students. So it is requested to Government of India for immediate creation of post of Pharmacy advisor .

FIPO has submitted a memorandum in 2007 to the Chairman 6th Central Pay Commission for allopathic Pharmacist working in Government of India on 31.5.2008. A protest day was held as JantarMantar with 3000 Pharmacist against revision for entry scale of Pharmacist by 6th CPC. A central executive meeting of FIPO held at Connaught Hotel, Delhi on 27.12.2009 under the chairmanship of Dr. Jitender Kumar Jain, President of UP State Pharmacist Association. The leaders from all over the country had appreciated the work done by FIPO to remove the anomaly with Pharmacist mentioned in 6th CPC recommendation through fast track committee on 18.11.2007 and recommended the placement of Pharmacist in the grade pay of Rs.4200/- as entry scale after 2 years of services in the grade pay of Rs. 2800/-

Sh. Kuldeep Singh Pharmacist working in Delhi Government was nominated as youngest PCI member by the Government of NCT, Delhi. Sh. Raj Kumar Chauhan working as Pharmacist in CGHS has been also nominated by Central Health Minister to Pharmacy Council of India on the recommendation of FIPO.

FIPO had started to published its own journal named “The Indian Pharmacist” since 2004 by its editor Sh. Kuldeep Kumar. It will provide the latest development, information about the activities of Pharmacist nationwide. At the 10th national convention of FIPO held at Mumbai, Mr. Ajay Sharma has been appointed as editor of the journal.

In 2001, FIPO had decided to participate in the Delhi Pharmacy council election and declare 6 candidates in panel of FIPO as 1. Sh. Ajay Kumar Sharma, 2. Sh. Inder Singh Chauhan, 3. Sh. Kuldeep Singh Dabas, 4. Sh. R.P. Sharma, 5. Sh. Surender Mohan Sharma, 6. Sh. Sunil Kumar Dhankar. Then after declaration of results of election, the FIPO candidate sweep the Delhi Pharmacy Council Election. Now FIPO team members did various work at Delhi Pharmacy Council as-
• Maintain the Delhi Pharmacy Council Registered Pharmacist Welfare Trust to help the Pharmacist.
• To celebrating National Pharmacy Week every year to award the I, II meritorious student of diploma and degree students of Pharmacy at Delhi.
• To organize various workshop, seminars, lecture at various venues and given certificate to all participating pharmacist.
• To improve the infrastructure at Delhi Pharmacy council 
• Send the proposal to appoint the Pharmacy inspector by Delhi Pharmacy Council
• Send the amendments to improve the Delhi Pharmacy rules which are outdated in current scenario
• Searching suitable site for the building of Pharmacy bhawan. 

National protest day – a national protest day was held on 10.12.02 to made attention of the Government of India over our demands with march to Parliament from JantarMantar at New Delhi with thousands of Pharmacists from Delhi, Haryana, and UP. The protest day was also held at all state capitals or head quarters by dharna, rally and demonstration in all over India. It was organized to protest against the 29th report of standing committee under chairmanship of Sh. Mulayam Singh Yadav. A delegation of FIPO has submitted the representation to Speaker LokSabha, President of India, Prime Minister of India against the standing committee recommendation which permit unqualified person for selling medicines through public distribution system. 

One lac post card has been dispatched through post card compaign from all over India to Prime Minister of India between 16.6.03 to 21.6.03. A delegation of FIPO had a meeting with Drug Controller of India Sh. Ashwani Kumar and got the assurance that necessary steps to be taken for stopping implementation of 29th standing committee report of parliament.

Sh. M.S. Arya, Secretary General of FIPO was invited in live telecast programme in a debate with Hon’ble Health Minister Smt. SushmaSwaraj and debate was attended by Mr. Inder Singh Chauhan, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma, ShMehtab Singh, ShSatish Kumar, Sh. R.P. Sharma and Sh. MukeshKhurana. FIPO members was able to put some questions to Hon’ble Health Minister and she invited two members of FIPO at her residence to discuss the grievance of Pharmacists and she heard us patiently and committed for the examination of our charter of demands. She also informed that 29th report of standing committee of parliament has not approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It was a good news for FIPO and she nominate two members of FIPO (i.e. Dr. R.S. Thakur and Sh. Wanjare) to PCI by her ministry.

The recruitment rules of Pharmacists has been also amended vide GSR-A12018/2/97 with CGHSI on 25.2.03 by the effort of FIPO and special contribution of Inder Singh Chauhan. Sh. Ajay Kumar Sharma, Sh. Sadhu Ramm Sh. M.S. Arya, Sh. Puri and Sh. R.P. Sharma. Other states are also amending RRs as per pattern of Ministry of Health.

On 13.3.03 CAT of Delhi award the decision to appoint an arbitrator for implementation of ACP scheme to Pharmacist. After that Director CGHS had issued the order for implemented II ACP for CGHS Pharmacist. The arbitration Sh. S.R. Adige given the award as, “Government for the expeditiously as possible and preferably within 6 months from the date of pronouncement of the awards to consider sympathetically and in accordance with rules and instruction, the creation of permanent avenues for Pharmacist in CGHS including post of Chief Pharmacist in hospital based on functional justification”.

Editor (FIPO),Dip in pharmacy, MSC. and MBA
Member of DelhiPharmacy Council


The working Pharmacists from all over the country had felt the necessity of having a uniform service condition and opportunities for the Pharmacists training, update their knowledge in the field of Pharmacy. Their inner most urgent feeling become a reality when they attended 1st National Convention of Pharmacists from 4th March to 6th March 1990 at New Delhi. Where they vented out their grievances and urged to know about new advancement in the field of Pharmacy. Similarly the Pharmacists response was in a big way in IInd National Convention of Pharmacists from 9th to 11th February 1991 held at Guntur (AP) under the chairmanship of Shri V. Rama Rao Reddy which had benefitted them a lot. 

The IIIrd National Convention of Pharmacists held on 12th-13th February 1994 at Nagpur has proved the necessity of the organization, importance of the Pharmacists and need for strengthening the organization so as to fulfill the aspirations and desires of the working Pharmacists of India attended by 1000 delegates at Nagpur. The 4th National Convention of Pharmacists was held at Calcutta in 1996. Actually by this convention we have been conducted to update the knowledge and latest development with advancement in our Pharmacy profession. FIPO has taken a lead in organizing such scientific seminar for the benefit of the working Pharmacists throughout the India. The V National Convention of Pharmacist held at Trivendrum, Kerala. Mr. M.N.V.G. has been elected chairman of the organizing committee on 3rd and 4th February 1997. 

Hon’ble Sri A.C. Sanmugham Das Health Minister of Kerala, President Dr. J.S. Qadry and Vice-President Dr. C.K. Kokate, Dr. R.S. Thakur attended the conference.

6th National Convention held at Kolkata in February 2002 to update the knowledge of Pharmacist and latest development in the field of Pharmacy.The 7th National convention of Pharmacist was held on 2nd and 3td October 2004 at Vaishcollege,Rohtak,Haryana.nine hundred eighty delegates from various part of the country participated in the con vention. Sh.AnandTyal(President,Haryana Pharmacist’s association),Sh.Mehtabsingh(Treasurer,Fipo) had played a great role for the success of the 7th National convention . Federation is continuously pressing the central government and DOPT to enhance the minimum qualification of Pharmacist from D.Pharm to B.Pharm and including participation of Pharmacists in all National Health programmes and implementation of National wages policy to Pharmacists.

. Sh MNVG Adiyodi President of FIPO was the chairman of the convention. General Body of FIPO has passed the resolution as under:
1. Central government must include Pharmacists in National Health Schemes
2. 50% seats may be reserved for admission to B.Pharma for D.Pharm
3. Continuing Education Programme may be made mandatory for renewal of registration
4. State Pharmacy Council elections should make mandatory after every 5 years.

FIPO submitted a memorandum to V pay commission on 30.8.94, the CPC invited us for the oral evidence on 29.9.95 and we appeared before commission. Inspite of all our efforts we have been denied justice by pay commission. Although Pharmacy Council of India also send its recommendation for higher pay scale to Pharmacist. On 14th March 1997, FIPO submitted a notice to protest against V CPC recommendation for Pharmacist and National Level Dharna on 23rd September 1997 was organized at NirmanBhawan for the purpose. 

On 7th October 1997 FIPO conducted a rally NirmanBhavan to Prime Minister’s House. On 7.11.1997 dharna at NirmanBhavan. A meeting with DDG (M) with FIPO on 27.11.97 under the chairmanship of Prof. K.B. Logani DDG (M) along with Shri V.P. Pandey. M.S. Arya, PankajBector, Kuldeep Kumar, RP Sharma and Sri Jasvant Singh with DDG Ministry of Health. 

FIPO reacted sharply on the new patient regime dated 26.12.2004 amending Indian patient act 1970 and advised the Government against the hasty pressure of the bill as many measures need to be taken to protect the interest of the country and disappear of the repeat to ordinance to pass such important legislation. FIPO condemned the ordinance and observes that having opened the doors for limited patent of products. The new patent medicines now will be sold at the monopoly price as laid down by their patient holders, so FIPO decided to organized protest day on 14th April 2005 against the amendment of patent act 1970.

On 25th January 2005 Delhi High Court passed a ban on licenses for running of chemist shops in residential area on the ground, that violated building bye laws and citizen right to decent living FIPO protested against this high court judgement-regarding removal of more than 6800 chemist shops being run in the residential areas to commercial complex FIPO condemned such arbitrary order which was totally against senior citizens and sick peoples, and poor society on 25th February 2005. FIPO leaders has actively participated in All Delhi Chemists Association and suggested that Government should intervene in this matter immediately to avoid unnecessary problem to society, Hon’ble Supreme court stayed the high court ban on chemists. It was a great victory on the part of the Pharmacists and federation played a great role to help them.

High court case: FIPO has filed case for entry scale of Rs.5000 in high court and our appeal has been admitted with the help of Sri S.K. Saini service matter advocate in High Court Delhi. Sh R.P. Sharma, Pharmacist CGHS, Sh. Satpal Malik, Pharmacist CGHS, and Sh. Satish Kumar, Pharmacist ESIC was the petitioner of the case and Sh. MukeshKhurana was the chairman of the court committee of FIPO.

Federation established a new unit of FIPO, Gujarat Branch with the help of Sri B.D. Patil, D.S. Makwana and C.J. Patil, visit Gujarat Pharmacy Council and directed them to hold a fresh election of council in Gujarat. On 2nd October 2005 FIPO leaders Sri Sadhu Ram, Sri Inder Singh Chauhan, Sri Ajay Kumar Sharma, Sri M.S. Arya, Sri. Prem Kumar, Sri Raj Kumar Chauhan, and Sri Rajeev Arya. FIPO Himachal Pradesh organized a meeting at PariMahal Shimla. In which hundred Pharmacists from all our Himachal Pradesh participated and they decided to join FIPO and federation elected ShriManoj Kumar Sharma and ShriGopal Sharma in central Executive committee. 

8th National convention held at Kozhikode, Kerala on 27.10.07. On the 1st Death Anniversary of Late Sri M.N.V.G. Adiyodi ex-patron of FIPO. On 27.10.07 at Tagore Centonary Hall and Span Auditorium Kozhikode Kerala was held under the chairmanship of Dr. R.S. Thakur, 1st Death Anniversary of M.N.V.G. Adiyodi Ex-patron of FIPO the unionist of the Pharmacy profession in India with 7th National Scientific Seminar launching his dream protect on 26th and 28th October 2007 at Kozhibode, Kerala, Late Sri MNVG Adiyodi was the man who brought renaissance in the avenue of practices of Pharmacy in India. He founded the Pharmaceutical Society of Kerala with intending to establish a national level institute for Pharmacy education and research at par with international standards, lay laying of Pharmacy education and research NIPER and it is proposed to launch community Pharmacy networking throughout the state.

The FIPO is the national professional body of Pharmacists engaged in practice of pharmacy. The federation is committed to provide a professional forum for Pharmacists for securing them their rightful place in the health care system and profession of pharmacy, promote and develop the practice of pharmacy, upgrade the knowledge and skill of pharmacist. 

To keep alive this federation and to fulfill the goal, required for the upliftment of our profession it become the prime and foremost duty to each Pharmacists organization to work with dedication and support to achieve the results. Here I am made it clear that no federation can work without money and manpower so we request all of you to strengthen our federation.

We want to increase the usage of generics we should encourage to prescribe more drugs by doctor and pharmacist should be given substitution right along with financial incentives to dispense generics. Thus even the decision making process should progressively move from physician to pharmacist. This will be one more step towards providing health care to all.

Friends, it is a well known fact that pharmacy sector is being neglected despite of our best efforts to improve it. Due care in the health care system is not being included, like other developed countries. Pharmacy profession has been given equal or more importance than the medical profession. Pharmacists are the authority of drugs and medicines. I am sorry to say that in our country pharmacy is treated subordinate wing of medical profession. We should analyze these issues and try to sort out the hurdles before our profession. Nowhere in the world diploma is the qualification for practicing as a pharmacist. As per guidance given by Dr. R.S. Thakur our federation has coordination with other professionals, press people, political leaders, social NGO and officials. 

You are aware of the fact that after two agitations at JantarMantar, New Delhi with large no. of presence, put a pressure on government to accept the demands for entry scales and fast track committee was setup. It was your support and unity that government approved it. Although it was not so easy. It took long two years. It is a result of togetherness and you have won the fight. It emphasized on the fact that your continuous effects are not in vain. Come together to win. 

Pharmacists got the better pay scale after 6th pay commission report come through fast track committee with all efforts made by FIPO and other pharmacy organization which is now on the way of implementation process. The scale with grade pay of Rs. 4200 is granted after completion of 2 years of services instead of from the beginning. This can be rectified by collective efforts. 

Pharmacists working at different levels of their posting during his career and do not avail any promotion during this entire services and retired on the same designation after completion more than 30 years of their services, so it can be made possible to designate them as a pharmacy officer, senior pharmacy officer, deputy pharmacy officer and chief pharmacy officer or pharmacy advisor in Health Ministries at their ACP’s after completing 10, 20 and 30 years of service and as there is no burden on the nation. 

To get this demand fulfill you all are requested to cooperate. I would like to inform that Sh. Oscar Farnandez, Chief Guest for pharmacy week has promised to support the promotion for the Pharmacists .On behalf of federation thanks to Sh. Oscar Farnandez. All the organization supported this movement like Indian Railway Pharmacist’s Association, Delhi Pharmacy Council, Graduate Pharmacist’s welfare Association, Pharmacy Council of India, Indian Hospital Pharmacist Association,UPDploma Pharmacist’s association,Maharashtra Pharmacy oofficer’s association ,Haryana pharmacist’s association ,Pandichery pharmacist’s association and Esic pharmacist’s association,. Peoples who take pain in this movement were Sh. L.S. Chandel, Chairman of the Committee; Secretary ShriUmaromalPurohit, (President,Airf&Secretary,Njcm); HonbleShri Narayan Swami, Ministry of PMO; Sh. T. Marriappan; Sh. Sadhu Ram, President FIPO, Delhi; Sh. Inder Singh Chauhan, (Ex.member,Pci).- Sh Raj Kumar, Sh RK Tripathi, ShSatish Kumar, Sh Ajay Kumar Sharma, ShManoj Kumar, Sh.Umarfarooque(Gen.secretary,Aidpa), Sh. Jitendra Kumar Jain, Sh. KK Sahachan, ShMehtab Singh, Dr. R.S. Thakur, President, Sh.Arunthengere,Sh.P.Kalambe,Sh.Ramu Mishra and other have actively participated in this movement. I on behalf of FIPO thanks them for their valuable contribution.

NATIONAL SEMINAR AT VIGYAN BHAWAN; In this seminar approx. fifty member of FIPO participated.DR.B.SURESH(President,PCI) is very thankfull for invite us.During the Presedential address at national seminar on”Recent trends in pharmacy education&practice on 9th july,2010 at vigyanbhawan,New Delhi organized by PCI,her Excellency President of India Smt.Partibha Devi Singh Patil described that the pharmacist in the contemporary world is one who provides a vital link between the health sciences and the pharmaceutical world.Their work in the medical field is multifaceted extending from the manufacturing of the quality medicines to the delivery of the pharmaceutical care to the patients.TheHon’ble Union Minister of Health Mr.GhulamNabi Azad has agreed to consider the two requests put forth by the President,PCI,Which are:

The federation vice president Sh. Virender Singh Sahran has got opportunity to addressed the panel discussion with stake holders with the theme pharmacist Human Resource need competency & expectation. The view of Sh. Virendra Singh Saharan appreciated by all .

We Pharmacists must assure the government that we will not only ask our rights but we know that obligation we have to charge

May Almighty god
Creator of the Universe
Giver of light and life
Guide our intellect
Along the right path.
I wish to deliberation and decision of this conferences will definitely give new light to improving the quality of pharmacy profession. I am thinking to on behalf of my central executive committee members of federation to all of you specially the National Organizing Committee for organizing this 10th conference at Business city, Mumbai in a beautiful manner.
Pharmacist Unity Zindabad.
(M.S. Arya)
D. Pharm, B.Sc. (Hons), LLB
General Secratary

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